FAQs – Bioniq® Repair-Toothpaste

You will find frequently asked questions about our classic Bioniq® Repair-Toothpaste and the answers here.

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Bioniq® Repair-Toothpaste

Can Bioniq® Repair-Toothpaste Plus also be used on fixed or removable dentures?

All Bioniq® Repair-Toothpastes have an extremely gentle formulation. This means they can also be used if a patient has implants and in the case of fixed or removable dentures. As well as hydroxyapatite (BioHAP), the main active ingredient, Bioniq® Repair-Toothpastes also contain cleansing substances and mild surfactants. Gentle abrasive particles are also used to avoid damaging implants, crowns or fillings.

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