FAQs – biomimetic enamel (hydroxyapatite/BioHAP)

Here you will find frequently asked questions about the active ingredient hydroxyapatite (BioHAP) – better known as biomimetic enamel – in the Bioniq® Repair products.

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Do Bioniq® Repair products help to combat bad breath?

Bad breath is frequently caused by certain bacteria which colonise the surface of the teeth similar to a film. Bioniq® Repair products repair microscopically small defects in the surface of the teeth and thus have a smoothing effect. This makes it harder for bacteria to adhere to the smooth surface, and makes them easier to remove. As soon as there are fewer bacteria on the surface of the teeth, bad breath can also improve. If bad breath is a major problem, it is best to discuss this with a dentist in order to rule out any serious illnesses.

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