Healthy teeth and oral diseases

Most people have 32 natural teeth. However, some adults have only 28 teeth, as their wisdom teeth may not have formed or have been surgically removed. A set of teeth is made up of 4 cuspids, 8 incisors and 16 to 20 molars.

The average annual per capita food consumption in Germany is 673 kg¹. That's a lot of work for our teeth. After all, their main job is to chew and grind our food. To keep teeth strong and healthy, thorough daily oral care is indispensable.

Despite regular brushing, a number of different oral diseases or damage can occur. Our guide gives you an overview of the most common dental problems along with tips on how to keep your teeth strong and healthy.  

Illustrierter Querschnitt eines Backenzahns mit Zahnschmelz, Zahnbein, Zahnmark mit Blutgefäßen, Wurzelzement und Wurzelhaut und Kieferknochen

Tooth structure

What does a tooth look like on the inside? And are there differences between molars and incisors? In this article you will discover the structure of a human tooth, find out which areas need special protection during your daily oral hygiene routine and what medical approaches are available to restore your teeth.

Illustration eines Backenzahns mit einem strahlenden Schutzschild an der Seite als Sinnbild für intakten Zahnschmelz


Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. Over time, however, it is worn away. In this article you will learn what enamel is, what function it has for oral health, how to detect enamel wear and how to restore your own enamel.

Sensitive teeth

Individuals suffering from sensitive teeth know the sudden, flash-like pain which will follow after savouring cold, hot, sour or sweet foods. Here, you will find the most frequent causes for the so-called dentin hypersensitivity and what you can do about it!


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